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Introduction of the collector

The collection of tin miniatures has turned out to be a whole army during 15 years. It became necessary to organize special private exposition place for such army exceeding 6000 figures.  This site represents an internet catalogue of the tin soldiers collection of one of the leading Russian specialists in this field.


NOTE: The collection is composed of mostly 54 mm figures. The other sizes are marked specially. The estimate of the painting level of the figures is based on the system introduced by Russian Vityaz Studio in Saint-Petersburg. The mark of 3.7 is given to the lowest collectional level. Then there are also 3.8, 3.9, 3.95, 4.0 marks to follow. The highest mark is 4.1. Usually figures of 4.1 mark  receive medals at the international exhibitions.    

If during your visit to our site you have some questions, remarks or inquiries, please inform about them thru our email.